SADDLE-T-CARD® - Golf Tee, Score Card, and Promo Item in One!

Introducing the NEW Saddle-T-Card®

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Benefits of the Saddle-T-Card®:

• A straighter shot every time, square up to square your shot.
• Last longer than a traditional tee.
• Promotion space like no other tee.
• Lower your golf score while increasing your image.
• A score card and tee in one.
• Try one today on us.

GOLF TEES, We all use them, with the popularity of Golf we have been in need of a better golf tee and a better way to utilize the tee to market our corporate image. With Saddle-T-Card we have done just that, creating a long lasting Tee with valuable advertising space that last for years for the average golfer.

With Saddle-T-Card the ball is placed into the saddle which is then depressed into the area of the tee box. With our product you simply place the ball into the saddle then spread the distance between the two feet to the proper ball height. Then simply swing away. This product is made of 30 mil polyester which is impervious to stress fractures or cracking. With the Saddle-T-Card you are able to customize the face and back of the card with your corporate logo for all to see. We estimate the life of the card to be in excess of 100 rounds, or 1800 impressions to brand your company for greener times tomorrow.



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